2018 Galway Bay Men's Club

Men's Club

Dear Members

Some of you have already submitted applications to join the men club, some may be about to submit applications, while some of you may not know what the Men’s club actually do and why you should join I hope to inform you of the following: Men’s Club Application Form

1.       What the Men’s Club do and how you can join.

2.       How you go about getting a handicap, if you do not already have one, or if you do how you transfer your handicap.

3.       Upcoming Competitions.



1.   The Galway Bay Men’s Club manage the male members, their members handicaps and run the competitions for the year.

2.   In order to Join the men’s club, you must complete the attached application form and pay a subscription of €150. This €150 is made up of €96 for your Men’s Club Subscription for the year, €27 for your GUI levy and €27 for your Optional “Golfsure Insurance”. This insurance is optional but we would advise all members to take it up in order to be completely covered. The Subscription can be paid either by submitting through the Men’s Club letterbox in the clubhouse for the attention of John Gilbert. After receipt of your application and payment, you name will go up on the notice board for 21 days, after which, you will be ratified at the next committee meeting. We can then arrange a GUI member number, a GUI card and a handicap for you,  if you do not have one. You are then eligible to play all club competitions and interclub competitions. If you wish to be ratified at next month’s meeting it is important that your application is submitted within the next week, payment can follow. Applications can be submitted by email to me or dropped thru the Men’s Club letterbox.

3.   If you don’t have regular playing partners, don’t worry as we will be arranging Sunday morning tee times for new and existing members to meet and play golf so no doubt you will be integrated quickly into the club.



Padraig Flattery is the Handicap Secretary in Galway Bay Men’s Club, see below  how you go about getting a handicap or transfer your existing one:-

1.   If you currently have a handicap with another club, please ask your previous club to provide a signed and dated handicap certificate confirming the handicap has been maintained in accordance with CONGUÒ requirements.  The original certificate should be dropped into the scorecard letter box marked for the Padraigs attention.  Note that a GUInet certificate is not sufficient.  Your previous club is obliged to send Galway Bay a copy of your handicap record for the previous two years; it would help administration if this can be obtained and submitted with the certificate to avoid us having to request it later. 

2.   For those of you that don’t have a handicap, you must play three full rounds with an existing member of the men’s club, record your scores, have the existing member countersign your card and then please mark the top of the card “ FOR HANDICAP PURPOSES ONLY “, drop the card thru the scorecards letter box  in the men’s club office for Padraigs attention.  Don’t forget to record the date you played on each card (all cards for handicap purposes must be within 6 months of applying for the handicap).    If you don’t know an existing member please contact me and we will arrange a meet and greet with existing members in order for you to complete your three rounds.


BOOK A TEE TIME here online – 3 clicks and your Tee time will be booked.

See you on the course.


Declan Shaughnessy.
Captain 2019

Download the Men’s Club application form here